Camille Charièrre and Celine Aagaard


Matiere S/S 2014


Orlebar Brown SS15 Pitti Preview

When it comes to high-end beachwear, few other brands have earned the success and recognition of Orlebar Brown…and rightfully so. It feels kind of limiting referring to OB as purely beach/swimwear, especially since the company has been constantly evolving to expand and improve their offerings.

Although their swim shorts and casual polos still take the lead when it comes to brand awareness and sheer quality, namely the versions with photographic prints, the SS15 collection features welcome additions such as a variety of tees using the same technique, sweaters, shirts and sneakers. Besides the quality and fit of the garments, production is based in Portugal which just adds another note of personal love from my end. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit their facilities soon and grant you a sneak peek into the backstage.

Ph: Beyond Fabric

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